View Full Version : Enclsoure size for a Diamond TDX 12"

12-24-2003, 09:36 PM
Okay..I started my query over in the install forum, but I think now it belongs here.

Here's my setup:

I currently have the following setup in my 97 Tahoe:

Alpine CDA-7998
Diamond Hex S600s in the front
M361 in the rear
Diamond D5 600.2 for the front and rear
Diamond TDX 12D4 (dual 4 ohm)
Diamond D5 1200.1 for the sub

Basically I'm getting a disappointing level of bass from my 12" TDX. I thought it was a wiring problem, but it's all wired fine (parallel for 2 ohms). The sub is firing to the rear of the Tahoe, with about 16" between the sub and the rear doors.

I did some measuring and it appears that my enclosure has 1.915 cubic ft of airspace (2.055 without sub displacement). Is this too much for a TDX 12"? The specs show from .55-2.5 cubic feet, but would I be better off with closer to 1.5?

I'm really trying to avoid dropping another grand on a second sub and a new box.