View Full Version : mid priced speakers

01-19-2010, 03:38 AM
I know this is a pretty open ended question but it just seems like there is to many speaker brands out there, which I guess is better then not having enough.
What I'm looking for is a nice set of speakers for my mr2, the only stock placement for this car is four inchers in the dash, which I'm sure I could also fit 3.5" in.
I think I'll modify the door or something else to accommodate a larger pair. I'd like to get somthing other then the main stream sony, jbc, pioneer, bla bla bla speakers you pick up at every corner store. Partly because it seems like the smaller companies can offer a lot more quality product for less money.
A few brands that people seem to like or talk about on this form are
diamond audio
Resonant engineering
focal speakers
cdt audio

I'm hoping people can tell me a bit more about each company and why the like them and also add some more brands to my list of possible speakers to go with. I'm not looking to pay to much for them, looking for a good bang for my buck. Perhaps 150 to 200 a pair? Of course less is always better.

Pretty much what I'm asking is if you where to build a new sterio into your car, 4 speakers, 1 or 2 subs and where looking for a high quality sounding system what would you pick.