View Full Version : Need tweeter help asap

01-15-2010, 10:51 PM
Im in the process of installing some tweeters with built in crossovers and possibly bass blockers. The tweeters are Memphis Audio PR15-PR1 and the bass blockers are Install Edge 200Hz bass blockers. I need to know if I should install the bass blocker with the tweeter crossover. My speakers have too much bass and distort when the volume is loud and heavy with bass. Will the tweeter crossover filter out the bass to the speaker? Or do I need to install the bass blocker in conjunction with the tweeters? If I need to use both the tweeter and bass blocker, should the bass blocker go b4 or after the crossover. I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow for a 350 mile road trip and would like to have the install completed so I can fully enjoy the increased performance.

* Sorry I posted this originally in the GD forum but I didnt realize that this is the more appropriate sub forum. If an administrator reads this please delete my other thread.

01-16-2010, 01:45 AM
you generally want to cross the tweeters over above 2500hz the crossover that came with them should be a 6bd xover around 5k id imagine... the bass bockers are usless there made for midrange drivers and coixals..