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01-14-2010, 09:51 PM

I purchased a JL Audio CL441 DSP when I bought a new car (2003 Honda Accord EX) and had to get rid of my Alpine head unit. This was a sad sacrifice, but I had to do it (I didn't want to deal with an aftermarket harness, etc...). Anyway, when I first had it professionally installed at Sound Advice in FL, it was fine, I used the aux in on it for my mp3 player, and it was great.

In Winter of 2008, my car was stolen and then recovered, and they took all my equipment. After insurance helped pay for some, I decided to do get the same setup as before, only Sound Advice was out of business. I then had it installed at a different place (actually seemed better than Sound Advice, as they did more custom installs). Anyway, I now live in Connecticut and the install was in Florida and I had very little time to have this done.

I now notice that on my AUX input, and even sometimes when playing cd's, the speakers crack a little bit and there is some hiss (even though they said the way they hooked it up was superior to Sound Advices, should be less "engine noise") With the AUX input, though, it is HORRIBLE! Sounds like they are farting, but only during certain frequencies. As if it was "hot".

Before messing with it, I noticed when I turn down my mp3 player to 20-30%, yet keep the volume high on the JL unit, I noticed the cracking goes away (obviously more hiss, though). I did some tinkering myself, and turned down the AUX input trim on the Clean Sweep to almost 15-20% (was on about 60-70%), and my mp3 player was at max and the cracking was almost completely gone, but I know that this will affect sound quality. Are there any recommendations for being able to have my settings higher (it sounded "fullier" before). Thanks so much!

JL Audio Clean Sweep CL441 DSP
JL Audio 300/4v2
JL Audio 250/1v2
Focal K65 Components in Front
Focal 6x9's in the rear
1 Frd Cap


01-16-2010, 03:47 PM
Any ideas? :(

01-16-2010, 05:11 PM
my Acura required the signal summing device(JL) to get rid of faint, high pitch wine and popping sounds