View Full Version : Sealed box for XXX 12

12-22-2003, 11:42 PM
I want to give a sealed box a whirl for my XXX. According to WinISD pro optimium volume would be 1.055ft^3 yeilding a QTC of .707. I will be inverting the sub...So i will make the box slant back some to distribute the sub weight better. Is this really enough air space for a sealed XXX 12? I know RE reccomends like .77ft^3 that leaves the QTC a little high according to WinISD pro.. This will be a SQ biased install.....I have it in a ported box of 2.7ft^3 tuned to 28hz right now and i want to try the ole beloved sealed box style out on the XXX I have always been a big fan of sealed boxes yet never really had a SQ sub as such and even though the XXX sounds better then most all the rest of my sealed setups when it is ported i have to know what a sealed setup will sound like....Like i said i am looking for more SQ then SPL although i have a Hifonics BX1500 so squeezing some SPL out shouldnt be a problem....I listen to mostly rock...all kinds of rock from led zepplin to Soil. EVERYTHING but minimal rap... and the Ported box really wangs on rap but seems a bit lacking on the rock songs....So anyhow what are your opinions? Are my sealed specs above good or should i change something?

12-27-2003, 02:45 PM
TTT!!! hehehehehe