View Full Version : February 20th MECA SQ Show @ Autorama Sacramento

01-12-2010, 09:42 AM
This will be the first MECA show in California. I have decided to promote MECA shows this year instead of IASCA. Please stop by the MECA website: http://www.mecacaraudio.com/ The rule books are FREE! (Imagine that) Just print them out.

I will be running the So Cal shows and Aubrey Carter will be handling the Nor Cal shows. Jeff and Andy from http://boominaudiocompetitions.com/ will be doing SPL at the events that allow us to have SPL.

The website for the Autorama show is : http://www.rodshows.com/sa/index.html

The entry fee for this show is : $30
The show will begin at : 10am and run until judging is finished.
We will be offering all classes of MECA SQ
You can pre-register by contacting me ( Todd Woodworth ) at :
[email protected] or by phone at (909) 816-2640

The entry fee includes entry to the show. Normal entry is $18 ea. and parking is $10 for the "normal" people attending the show so you can do the math really quick and realize you're getting a $28 value plus competing in the MECA show for $30, which is a hell of a deal.

I'd like to thank Fred Lynch and Arc Audio for helping to make this a possibility. Their continued support of sound quality in the automobile has made many of the SQ shows on the west coast possible.

This will be an awesome event and a great way to kick off the 2010 season in Cali for MECA. I know many of you from my shows last year. You can expect bigger and better shows this year.

We will be incorporating SPL at the shows at any venue that will let us. In addition, I expect much more industry support this year, as well.

See you there