View Full Version : Red Shag Build. KIcker Euipment. (Old BUild)

01-11-2010, 12:09 AM
lol i did 2 builds right in a row with the same style of shag thats on my headliner. i met some interesting kids and they all wanted it haha. This was build 2 with 2 of my old kicker comps. i used a Quantum QSA2150(my fav.) amp which pushed them fine. i had a bunch of finished pics but accidently deleted them haha.

i had to put the port in the middle and do some angleing to get it right. it was teh only option but ended working really well and had a very nice freq. response.

i didnt want to just cover it all in shag i had to switch it up. i used some 1/8" closed cell we use for logos n what not to rais up a center section that i will cover in vinyl.

i rolled the edges of the shag so that it would be nice and clean. then i made a plate for teh recessed area out of 1/8" abs/stainless substrate and put my decal on it lol

i wish i had some mroe pics. i made a console/amprack for the 2150 than fit beween the seats that really finished it off.