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01-05-2010, 07:37 PM
$210 shipped OBO
I will put a pic up in a little while.

16GB 2ND GEN. Ipod Touch. It works 100% and has no problems what so ever. It comes in a black leather case and I just put a clear cover over the front screen. It comes with the USB charger, NO headphones the ones I had for it broke, 11 movies and 22 games. It has the built-in speakers. I can remove anything you dont want on the Ipod, just let me know. It has:

:Waynes World 1
:The Simpsons Movies
:School of Rock
:Blue Collar Comedy Tourt One For the Road
:Hey Arnold The Movie
:Megadeth That One Night Live in Buenos Aires
:Iron Maiden Flight 666
:Ghostride The Whip
:Get Thrashed
:Avenged Sevenfold: Live in LBC
:Avenged Sevenfold: All Excess

:Arcade Bowling
:Blackjack World Pro
:Civil War Hidden Mysteries
: Doom Ressurection
:Fandango Movies
:Ferrari GT Evolution
:Flick Fishing
:GP Racing
:Guitar Rock Tour 1
:Guitar Rock Tour 2
:Metallica Revenge
:Moto X Mayhem
:Pocket Guitar
:Poker Superstars 3
:Sports Tap
:SurrounDEAD EP3
:Teaxas Hold EM Poker
:The Simpsons Arcade
:Trivia Wars
:Wolfenstein RPG

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any trades?

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