View Full Version : Looking at 'Screens. Help me out, plz.

01-03-2010, 04:32 PM
So Im looking at putting a touchscreen in my car and Im having a hard time even finding any that I can play with to see if I like them.

Id like Navigation, I really want iPod D/AC bypass and I demand flexibility with the display. The dash lighting in my Bonnie is red, so Im not about to have blue LEDs flashing all over the place. I modified my Alpine to be pretty much all red, but I dont feel like dismantling a ned touchscreen HU to swap LEDs.

So anyway I'm looking at a few models and perhaps I could get some input on each. Unfortunately, I havent seen any Nav units that also have dac bypass for iPods.

So here are the contenders at the moment:
JVC KW-AV820 No nav, but has all the other features I want. Price isnt bad and 5v preouts are nice. It has a proximity sensor for the display, so that would be nice. I find myself flipping my face down at night, even with dimmer leds in the face plate, so turning the screen off is pretty much a must.

Clarion VX709 Shes pretty spendy and seems to have the same features as the JVC, however Clarion has a good enough rep that I'll consider it.

Can anyone point out any nav HUs that have the dac feature for the iPods? I havent really set a budget, but I hope to keep it under $800 if possible. Its not like my current HU doesnt work, I just want to cram a DD in there because I can.

01-03-2010, 04:47 PM
I just happened across the Alpine iVA-W203. Now at its normal price I wouldnt consider it due to the reviews, but Crutchfield has them for $500. I know Id have to buy the loathed add on Nav unit, but at this price, what do you folks think of it?