View Full Version : Home Theater/ Blu ray question.. 120hz Motion blur and judder while watching blu rays

12-31-2009, 04:46 AM
I was watching F&F Tokyo drift, and noticed a blurry type halo in one of the scenes.. My amp was on medium.. I turned it off and it seemed to go away.. Even tho you can adjust the amp setting, I thought you didnt need to , because a blu ray will give you the best PQ without motion blur as it is..

So basically Im just wondering what that blurry halo was that I saw, It was very obvious and almost makes me wonder if there is an issue with my TV or my settings, Possibly my receiver.. But there all 1 year old or newer...

Same thing again tonight watching the wrestler, In the very beginning , ( during the running credits ) while its panning right to left showing all his newspaper articles and pictures etc with he AMP turned OFF it had alot of judder and blur, pretty much to the point of not being able to read, then when I turned AMP to even the LOW setting it smoothed out and was very easy to read, which tells me that the AMP is working..

But what I dont understand is this.. I thought the blu ray format didnt need any enhancements, it was always judder and blur free... Am I wrong there?

02-01-2010, 07:59 PM
Well blu-ray provides a cleaner picture and sound quality, it doesnt add 120hz refresh rate to a tv. The natural frame speed for a movie is 24frames/sec i believe. However when a blu ray is played on a 120hz tv it generally is much smoother looking, and shouldn't "judder" as much.
I notice on my HDTV's there isnt juddering (neither of my HDTV's are 120hz refresh rate) but occassional blur or ghosting appears when an action scene moves quicker than the pixels can refresh. It's never so bad it ruins a movie, but i do notice the slower moving scenes look much better.

What make and model TV do you have?