View Full Version : Replacement Speaker Ideas for 04 Colorado?

12-31-2009, 01:49 AM
Hey guys, I have an 04 Chevy Colorado Crewcab with stock front and rear speakers (door tweeters in the front). I have an Alpine IVA W200 HU, 2-8" Memphis M-Class Subs under my back seat with a 400 watt profile amp powering them. For a few years now this setup has been awesome for my taste. I like bass, but with great sound quality. However the current stock setup is starting to crackle.

My questions are: 1) I know the front and rears are 6.75" but what are they each classified as? I'm confused about the front speakers because I just want to replace them with a similar set up. Are they Components? Why aren't there crossovers or an amp if they are components? Are they Coaxial? I have stock tweeters on my door but I don't see any crossovers and there is no amp for them. And what are the rears? 1 way? 2 way?

2.) What would be the best "replacement" advice to get a nice SQ from them I really don't want to install more wiring and a new amp. I would like to keep my wiring as is.. ?

3.) Would a higher quality coaxial 6.5" speaker w/ 90+ dB sensitivity work for my front doors, if so, what do I do with the stock tweeters? Or would replacing the stock tweeters and speaker with 2 way components w/o an amp be better?

The main goal is to replace the stock speakers with a similar setup and if I can do that with SQ upgrade that would be great.
Thanks alot for any advice!

12-31-2009, 01:52 AM
the internal deck is x-ed they are components :)
shoot me an email ill see what i can come up with to run well on a stock deck.
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