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12-30-2009, 01:22 PM
Hi, new to the site. Im from New Brunswick Canada .
I've been into car audio for sometime and the addiction just seems to keep getting worse haha.
After reading a few to many fourms I decided to get a bit more amped up and just took everything out of my ride to re do the install. It helped that I just found someone the other day getting rid of a bunch of B-quiet and MLV . Also reading about more detailed installs and reviews on gear gave way to me kicking my first set of made kicks to the curb and now with a bit more info i'll be at it again.
So far it's all sounding good but I know it gets better.
So thats me thanks for checkin it out hope I can help out and maybe get some help

Dry Cell Battery
HU/pioneer p880
Amps/US Amps AX-TU4360C Bridged Mids
US Amps older TU-300 (waiting for it back from us amps repair)
US Amps AX-TU300C (waiting for a TS-W12PRS)

Next a complete as I can new install, deaden , etc etc on and on forever...haha

couple shots of the amps and quick made kicks (never did finish them).