View Full Version : Chevy Ex Cab Under Seat Box Idea

12-29-2009, 04:10 PM
a yes i am going to design a box to go under my seat in the back, well i will lift the back rest and use the bench part as the top of the box, well make my own padded seat just to get more room under the seat, now my plan is to put 2 12s in there eventually, with the port in the middle of the hump, but i may try to use 1 12 solo x for now till i can get another one and just run it on one side of the box, now my question is if i just build the box, a common chamber with the sub on one side, and the port in the middle, and leave the other side open with out a hole cut out till i get another 12 would that other side help with airspace with the port in the middle or would the air just go straight out the middle with out even reaching the other side? i was hoping to design this box so when i do get another 12 it would be ready, all i would have to do is cut the hole and hook it up? any suggestions, thanks