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12-29-2009, 03:40 AM
Don’t you ever miss the little online flash christmas games that can relax your tight nerves when you are extremely tired? Don’t you think those cute and funny christmas games are one of the best ways to help get you into the holiday spirit? Isn’t it great if you are able to share the happiness and little secrets of christmas games with your be-loved ones?

If your answer is Yes at least once, ok, scroll down and you might find something that you are interested in.

First: recommended online christmas games website (http://www.onlychristmasgames.com/)

This one is good enough for kids and even adults to play. You may enjoy the collection of various christmas games on that website and there is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than playing those adorable christmas games.

Second: recommended way to play christmas games

Of course you can play them online, however, if you want to play them at anytime even without Internet connection, download them is a better way!

I have mentioned the way about how to download online flash files(including SWF games, SWF teaching videos, SWF commercials whatsover) a million times: by a free flash downloader (http://www.swfkits.com/flash-downloader/) or by a professional SWF to Video Converter (http://www.swfkits.com/swf_to_video/). Flash downloading task can be easily and swiftly done with only few clicks.

Third: personal tips for doubling fun when you play christmas games

It just occurs to my mind that if I can record the process of how I play the various christmas games and then share with my friends and game fans, that would have more fun!

This idea matters very much to the massive game fans due to the fact that although they’d like to share the recipes, flash files can’t be played via the regular media players. It’s no longer a problem now because I’m going to introduce a way below about how to play the way you play christmas games using the above-mentioned SWF to Video converter via ordinary portable devices like iPod, MP3 player, WMP and many other more.

Step 1: Input flash christmas game.


Step 2: Choose the target video format from various options for this christmas game on “Export” tab.


Step 3: Click “Convert” button to start the performance testing, then click “Play and Capture” button to start playing this christmas game, just like the way you play online. Click “Finish” at last to begin the SWF to WMV (http://www.swfkits.com/swf_to_avi/) conversion.


When the encoding process completes, it’s time to show the world how you play this cute christmas game via the playback on WMP and other accessible devices.

Make the fun double when playing christmas games this year and share more christmas joy with your friends from 2009 Christmas!

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