View Full Version : Head Unit help

12-28-2009, 06:01 PM
Heres my dilema...

I want a single din system that does it all (cd/dvd/ipod control/ etc) and can be hooked up to a separate lcd monitor. I found a JVC (kd-avx40) single din unit that does it all, but i couldnt find a jvc lcd monitor to hook it up too. I want everthing i buy to be the same brand. all i could find were double din systems. i found the apline ida-x300. it does the ipod control, but it doesnt have a cd/dvd function. then i found the alpine dha s690, 6 disc dvd changer. also an alpine monitor to my likings. i havent been able to find anything where the ida-x300 can be hooked up to the dha s690. european forums said it can be done, but havent found anything for america.

can someone please help me out??? thanks