View Full Version : 10" American DX.

12-28-2009, 03:09 PM
This is just an initial review. I'll write a more in dept review when I have more time.

First Impression:

Looks: Going on pure looks alone, it looks comparable to the kicker CVR.

Information: I am a bit disappointed with the lack of literature included with the sub. No owners manual, no recommended enclosures. It did come with some basic T/S. On the box they included some information, like the 300 watts PEAK, 600 watts RMS...:laugh: You'd think they proof read stuff before they sent it out.. It just gives it a very generic feel.

I checked their website, which states the RMS as 250 watts?:crap: Also, nowhere on their website (that I could find) do they recommend enclosure sizes.

First Listen: I must say, for a budget sub this thing sounds great. It's not real, real loud, but the sound quality really surprised me. I listen to a wide variety of music, basically everything besides country, and it plays it all very well for an all around budget sub.

Rock, alternative, metal, blues, etc, all sound amazing. Collective soul - Shine, Amazing!!!!! The system as a whole just really makes this song "shine". If you mainly listen to any of the music above and don't have a huge budget, this sub is for you... as long as you're not looking for a ton of output.

Rap: It's plays it well. It's a single ten with 340 watts, so you can't expect a crazy amount of spl, but it does a pretty decent job. While it's not insanely loud, it does sound really good no matter what you though at it.

If you don't care about SQ and you're looking more towards SPL, you can probably find something better for the same price. If you're looking for a sub that sounds great while getting fairly loud and you're one a budget, this sub is for you...

SPL: 5/10

SQ: 7.5/10

Would I buy more products from American bass? Yeah, yeah I would. But I think there's some stuff they need to work on to improve their company.