View Full Version : just bought a uv7i in dash dvd

12-25-2009, 04:54 PM
me and a friend of mine went to a pawn shop yesterday to get some wii controllers for cheap, i was lookin at the audio. i seen a dvd player sitting on the shelf an was like how much is that, the guy brought it over an it said 199.99 on it an i was like can you do any better then he said 150 out the door, so i looked at the harness and went down the line starting withthe speaker wires, purple, white, grey, an green then the pink and wen i got to the power i seen that the yellow was pulled out and missing so i pointed this out and was like how much now lol. he said 100 as is. so i bought it, got home an put some 14awg in the spot where the yellow went and it came right on. i was soooo glad i didnt buy junk. the dern pink wire is a jerk though you cant just ground it it has 2 see - then no charge then cycle it 2 more times just to come on, but it plays good and clear. i plan to take one out my dash and get my 100 back by selling it, or tryin 2 trade it 2 my friend who has some 20s he cant use lol. merry christmas 2 me 100$s off and a bargaining chip:)

12-25-2009, 04:58 PM
coool story