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12-24-2009, 01:48 AM
How to convert AVI to DVD with Leawo Video Converter?

I want to burn the movies on my computer to a disc to play with a DVD player at home, however, most of them are in AVI format, which I know is not fit for DVD burning. What should I do? To solve this problem, you need two software programs, one is Leawo Video Converter, which is for you to convert your AVI to VOB (http://www.leawo.com/video/avi-dvdvideo-converter.html) or MPEG firstly, and then use Nero or any other DVD burning software to burn them burn AVI to DVD (http://www.leawo.com/video/avi-dvdvideo-converter.html).

The steps below are for a detailed tutorial to convert AVI to DVD (http://www.leawo.com/video/avi-dvdvideo-converter.html).
Download Leawo Video Converter here!

Step1. Click "Add"to import your AVIs in the software. Or select and drop them in! Double click the file name to have an instant preview.


Step2. Click "Customize" to adjust video effects, trim for a video clip and crop for a proper video dimension. Choose "DVD-Video Format( *.vob)" in "Style", and set the output folder in "Output".

Under "Effect", drag the slides of "Brightness" and "Contrast" for a better visual effect. Check "Flip" to turn the video upside down. Check the "Deinterlace" to remove the TV system video artifacts. Drag "Volume" slide to adjust the volume.


Under "Trim", set the "Start Time" and "End Time" points for a video length.
In the droplist of "Letter Box", select a "Crop" style, or adjust the offset values for a precise cropping.

Step 3: Settings.
(1) Click drop-down button next to "Style" on the main interface to find the suitable quality for your output.
(2) Click "Settings" to open the "Settings" interface to make detail settings for output audio and video, such as audio and video codec, quality, bit rate, video frame rate, video size, audio sample rate, etc.

Step4. Click "Convert" button in the bottom right to start the conversion, and then burn your VOB files to a DVD or CD for easier carrying. Fast conversion speed!

So here are steps to convert AVI to DVD (http://www.leawo.com/video/avi-dvdvideo-converter.html), wish this can help you.

Here you can download this Leawo Video Converter (http://www.leawo.com/leawo-video-converter/).


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12-26-2009, 11:40 PM
Thanks for your sharing.
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