View Full Version : Remote Starter Advice Please Help

12-14-2003, 05:34 PM

I desperately need advice. My wife bought an Avital remote start that we're having removed because of terrible signal range. We've tried everythig but the range is about 100-150 feet. If you're lucky. Anyway, I want to replace hers and get one for my truck too. All the dealers in my area are pushing the Audiovox Prestige. The non-alarm version is rated at 600-1000 feet which might work well in my wifes car while I'm considering the LCD pager version for my truck which is rated at 1400 feet. One dealer said ne fixes them all day long and I should spend the extra for a Viper with LCD pager. There are also many other brands but all the installers don't really carry these brands: Compustart, Crimestopper, etc. Anyway, I just what a unit that will start my car from inside stores. The Avital doesn't have enough range. Will the Audiovox be any better? Is the Viper the way to go. Or should I buy another brand and see if I can find an independent installer?


12-17-2003, 05:51 AM
Vipers are very good units. I'm probably going to be getting one soon. Anything DEI (Viper, Clifford, others tahts I can't remembers...) will treat you well.