View Full Version : Need a box design and cutsheet for 4 15"s

12-18-2009, 07:13 AM
I would like the actual outside diameter of the box to be 41"W x 25"H x 32"D subs up port back tuned to 30hz and for 4 15's of course. Subs will be IA 187's off of 3000rms in a ford explorer. I also woud need a cutsheet. And one question i have is, i need the 32" of depth to fit the 2 15"s depth wide but my max depth is 36" so there would only be 4 inches between port and rear hatch. In this situation do you think i should go subs and port up? Would that work better/be louder? Go with whatever you think is best for my application. Shoot me some designs and ill send you whatever you want for them via paypal. Thanks!