View Full Version : Suggestions for ported enclosure for 4 RE Audio SE15's

12-17-2009, 11:37 PM
Would prefer to do two separate boxes for sake of taking in and out of car when needed. Their site shows 3 cu.ft. @ 35 hz per sub for "compact" and 4 cu.ft. @ 34 hz for "optimal". Should I go somewhere in between, or do the full 4 cu.ft. Running all 4 off a Crunch GP3000D-Pro @ 1-ohm mono final load; so, I should have adequate power to push them.

Also, any negatives to running port on same plane as subs? In another thread, several people were suggesting porting to rear, and subs up. Since I am doing two sep boxes, I can't exactly port to the rear very easily.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!!!