View Full Version : Cadence CVL components. How are the mids on these???

12-17-2009, 11:21 PM
I want to repplace the PPI mids form my Comps. A member on here said he would sell me some CVL mids and x-overs for $85 shipped.

I know these are modeled after some Morels and Dynaudio. Has anybody ever heard these? I need something with alot more midbass than my PPI's. The midrange is nice and clear but they are lacking some serious midbass.


12-19-2009, 09:48 AM
I know the mid will be stronger on the cvl, but don't know how much better? I have 2 sets of the 356cs and some Soundstream Tarantula comps. The SS have an oversized 6.5 paper mid, 1.5" vc, and big azz magnet. It is the first mid I've ever had that played strong without punking out. Amp set to full range and hu set at 80 flat. I don't even need to mess with the db octave to remove bass cause they can handle it. You can hear them pick up where the sub bass left off. The problem with this set is the Xover kinda *****, but this set would be better ran active. The PPi will have way more detailed Sq. The Re XXX mid and Opti6c mid should give you what your looking for if you don't want dedicated midbass. The SS play a strong 80hz and plays drum kicks good. I think the SS is a midbass driver posing as a midrange driver, for real! They shine on Bass Mekanik stuff and none of the frequencies sound weak or missing. I'll be running 2 sets of the PPi a door and some kind of 8" paper cone midbass in the kick. The SS have way more midbass than the Rsd's I took out. I hope this helps?