View Full Version : Hybrid Clarus VS Focal K2P VS Boston Pro VS Morel Ovation

12-05-2009, 11:02 PM
What component is right for me? Output "loudness" is more important to me than Sq. This is related to my other thread but just wanted to narrow the choices down.(used or new prices)
Hybrid Clarus------ around $400
Focal K2P-----around $400-$500
Boston Pro----around $300
Morel Ovation---around $400
Hertz MLK----Woops forgot in Poll

BostonSPZ is in my refined choices but just more expensive than the rest so I didn't list,
(BostonSPZ and Hertz MLK are listed on my other thread, so go vote on them if you think they are superior)

Thanks for everyone's Input