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11-29-2009, 07:38 PM
ok. i was in a bind between alpine, kenwood, jvc, and pioneer. i had money yesterday and decided to go with this one. it cost me about 242.00 and it came with a free installation, so i was like, "ok!".

First impressions -:- i thought the look of it was sick. along with my interior, it went very well. has nice color combinations such as left side, right side, and display color differences. meaning you can change them individually. the sound over my panasonic CRQ-X400U is much better. it blew me away the quality of it playing my music. i thought this would be good.

Menus -:- the menus are a little to handle if your not familiar with the controls, but i found it easy to navigate. it takes getting used to the control knob. there are MANY menus. with each source you select there are individual settings or functions for that particular source.

Features -:- when looking at the manual, you find lots of things that are useful. it comes with a already hooked up USB cord from the headunit that you can put in your glovebox. it is expandable with the sirius and xm modules, cd changers, and bluetooth audio module. it features a monogram 5 line LCD Full dot display. has ID-3 Tagging for mp3 cd's and ipod. has three pre outs(silver plated/4.0V). it comes with a remote for basic functions. easy to use.

SQ settings -:- i found that the speaker sizes, and processing for different car types is pretty cool. it has Xover settings for the front, rear, and sub. high pass and through for both front and rear, while low pass for the sub. each has a -6db, -12db, -24db slope options. you can adjust the time alignment for the front rear and sub. you can also turn off the amp if you are using external amps for front and rear speakers. has a highway setting. what this does is make the bass frequencies a little more boosted to compensate for the road noise or the wind if you have your windows rolled down(there are three settings). there is what Kenwood calls Supreme+ processor. it boosts the higher frequencies that compressed files lost during the burn or synhcronization process.

Pros -:- Loaded with settings and features, kinda easy to use but not to the point were it is a hassle, if your a SQ guy like i am, you will love all the individual settings, color options are awesome, you can set it to YOUR standards, good to have the internal amp turn off option.

Cons -:- i do not like the direct sunlight on this faceplate. it is TOO shiney to see the display for my tastes, it would have been better if they had made a duller finish. many of the presets, memory and function settings are within the menus, meaning to just get to your number 5 preset tuning station you have to go through the menu(or alternatively u can press that number on the remote), smudges, grime, fingerprints are easily visible on the faceplate. if you have OCD about spotlessness, forget it about this one. ;)

Overall -:- i really love this unit. i will cherish this for days and months to come. very usable, expandable with aftermarket modules, it can be a pain to learn and even overwhelming with the settings and features it offers. just read the manual. has alot of potential for setting up a good and balanced system. i have only had this for a couple of days, but man, i am very very happy with my purchase.

Hope this helps those who are questioning this headunit. let me know how it is. :)

this is the glare and shiny issue.

display showing individual settings for left, right, and display colors.

12-25-2009, 09:56 PM
well guys, it seems like i have had to return this beast of a headunit....but i will in the future get it back...i promise it.

08-02-2010, 06:51 PM
Return it?