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Slow Ride
11-26-2009, 01:31 AM
OK, I picked up a new daily driver. It is an '05 GMC Sierra 1500 regular cab base model. Manual everything with rubber floors!!! The door speakers do not work, I don't know if it's the speakers or the head unit. Either way I'm replacing both. All of the stereo shops around here ****!!! I went around to them and most did not even talk to me, I walked out of 5 of them after 20-30 minutes, because all I got was the "someone will be right with you sir". Actually Best Buy and American were the only places I got any help, and then I was explaining how stuff worked and schooling the kids on car audio.

Here is my situation. I used to be into auto sound pretty hardcore, but got sick of it in the late '90's when it got to be less about the sound/install and more about how many TV's and other crap you could put in your ride. I sold pretty much everything I had. I know - STUPID!!! What I wouldn't give to have my numerous 225HCCA and 250HCCA amps, the Series 1 and 2 Orion 10" and 12" DVC subs, the Coustic XM-5e crossover, PPI 30 band 1/3 octave EQ's, Fultron Aria mids/tweets, OZ comps and all the other stuff. The only things I have left from those days is an old Eclipse 5302 head unit and some PG interconnects. I lost a awesome set of Eclipse 6.5" point source components when my wife traded in her car without telling me.

About 7 years ago I had a BMW that I did a crappy little system in. I have that stuff too.
The speakers are Image Dynamics CXS52 2 ohm 5.25" components that I have set up as point source.

The subs are a pair of 10" Memphis 15-PR104's.

The amps are a Memphis 16-ST100 for the highs(2 x 50 @ 4 ohms/2 x 75 @ 2 ohms) and a Memphis 16-ST250D for the subs(125 x 1 @ 4 ohms and 250 x 1 @ 2 ohms)

I also have an older Alpine CDA-9805.

The opening in the dash is for a double DIN. I don't need NAV or DVD. I need i-pod , but I want it to be built in and to plug into the back. I want to keep it a CD player and not just media with a changer. I'd like to have Blue Tooth, but it is not mandatory. RDS would be nice. I want 3 sets of high voltage preouts, so I can add another amp/speakers if I have to. Built in crossovers and an EQ are required. The Alpine sounds good, especially the imprint sound processor, but it's $300 then you add imprint and bluetooth for another $300. Too much. The Eclipse 5030 looks ok, I love my old 5302. The JVC Arsenal line appear to be decent, but none of the single DIN stuff has all of the features I want. The Kenwood 693 or 993 would work, but can't decide. What else is out there?

The doors take a 6.5"/6.75" speaker. I think because mine is a base model the door panels do not have provisions for a tweet. I'll probably have to surface mount one, or get a coax/point source setup. I listen to mainly metal and classic rock. I do however dig out the old school rap and techno. A bass CD or 2 has been known to be played LOL. So, I need tight and powerful midbass. The small ID's I have now do not provide what I want. Would the CSX62's do the trick? What are your suggestions with the width and length of a reg cab truck and the low power I'm running?

I found this sub box on the internet. Not many prefab boxes for later reg cabs. I'll get mine with the SIERRA on it.

I really don't want to spend much more than $1500 for the HU, comps, box, power distribution and interconnects.

I'm open to everyones suggestions.