View Full Version : Powerbass S-10D console build port???

11-19-2009, 03:25 PM
First of all I would to thank everyone who helped me build my last box for my Explorer (2 12' Kicker CVX's),turned out great.
I just received a Powerbass S-10D that's going in a custom center console.The specs I came up w/ are 22" L X 11.5' W X 10" H =1.00839 cu. ft.The Woofer will be placed toward the back of the box facing down. Powerbass woofer specs are 1 cu. ft vented w/ a 3"X9.9" round port.Since it's going in between the seats I'm kind of stuck on the port placement issue.
#1.Should I use a 3" 90* elbow & port it towards the front drivers side?
#2.Slot port it w/ a 1.5" x 18.34 drivers side?
#3slot port towards back of truck/top of box 1.5"X21.85?
Thanks again for your help.