View Full Version : JL TR650 Cxi vs. Polk db 651

Ralph LaCivita
11-19-2009, 01:43 AM
Looking to upgrade factory speakers (4), keeping the factory (1998 Tacoma) hu and no amp. Which is the more complete speaker? Better bass? How about components in the same make? And do I have enough power w/o amp to run the components?

11-19-2009, 02:24 AM
factory might putout 10 watts rms, your best bet is some very efficent coxials..
pioneer, alpine type s, polk.. those are decent..

11-19-2009, 02:27 AM
those are nice as well

Ralph LaCivita
11-19-2009, 11:52 AM
I'd like to get some with amp potential, for down the line. what, do you guess is the max rms for two pairs of speakers now?