View Full Version : Some quick experienced spl users on port placement

11-18-2009, 05:56 PM
I run in MECA, and am thinkin about redesigning my wall soon and have some questions.

My port is currently in the center.. i know terrible place so i will be dropping a sub out of my wall so i can obtain lot more port area on one side of the car.

I've always metered on the driver side with this wall and last setup i had in my hatch.

Are all vehicles typically metered on passenger side or can that also be a test-test-test thing? I drive an 07 scion tc. I always meter on driver side because i test what side i'm loudest at AFTER the setup was built.

Even with port in center, i'm 1.1db louder at driver side than i am at passenger and i run 4 15s, 2 on each side of the port.

Also, here is what i've drawn out-

I can get 270sqin of port for either 3 15s or 2 18s.. should i stick with porting on pass side so i can load on driver side still?

Or... should i opt with another method of getting 350sqin of port but the port will be at the bottom of the wall 50.5" wide x 7" tall...
Will this really wide port not work so well even if it's 80sqin larger because it has no precise loading direction? It's just the whole width of the car, am i correct?