View Full Version : Cant use sub with HDTV? Ground issue?

11-15-2009, 10:10 PM
ever since i moved into my new place this year, i has teh home audio issues. cant decide what it is.

Substage consists of a Dayton Classic 15" sub, dayton 240rms plate amp, a lower end onkyo receiver, and of course speakers.

Anyways, whenever the sub is plugged in and running, as long as the HDTV isnt plugged in, it works fine. There is a tiny bit of feedback (if you put the head in the port, you can hear a slight humming if you try hard enough).

As soon as you plug in the HDTV, to the TV, not even the receiver (and the receiver isnt ran to the TV), i get a bad humming coming from the sub/plate amp, and i cant play anything through it. The receiver doesnt even have to be turned on either, and i still get the hum

I also found out yesterday if i run the vacuum cleaner, as soon as i turn the vacuum cleaner on, i get the humming from the subwoofer. This happens even if the vacuum cleaner and the plate amp are plugged in on completely different outlets.

Is it my ish, or is it the house?

11-15-2009, 10:12 PM
house get one of those monster power filters my tv use to flicker till i got one