View Full Version : I have a problem with speaker choices...no not brand name

11-11-2009, 09:12 PM
Ok so I was planning on getting some ID ctx65cs or hertz comps in my doors. Since my car runs audio off the HU as fiber optic I was planning on using a MTX re-q to run the signals to my external amp. Unfortunately my car is ridiculous with car audio.

Now, I have a 13speaker system that is run off of two different amps. Theres a pair of 3.5"s in the dash with a mono 4" center dash. 6.5"s in the door, pair of 4" in the rear and pair of 6x9" in the rear as well. So after planning everything I found out that nowhere in the car really gets a real full-range signal. The dash 3.5" and the rear deck 4" only get mid-bass through to the highs, no decent bass levels there (Also the rear 4" get a weaker signal strength as they're designed only for rear fill). So the 6x9s get sub-bass only and the doors get mid-bass only in my 13 speaker setup.

See below chart for the 13 speaker setup frequency responses.

So after reviewing this stuff I have no idea where to go with my setup. It seems like I can't upgrade to the comps like I wanted to. Not sure the MTX would work anymore since I would need to tap into different spots for the sub signal or mid-high signals...

I have no idea where to go now. How could I upgrade things?

11-12-2009, 09:20 AM
Anybody? Help me out. If the 6.5s are only getting mid-bass should I upgrade those to a nice midrange speaker? ID has there CX62 2-ohm midrange speaker, I think I want to try tapping into the 6.5 signal into my amp for the IDs and then tap into the 6x9s for sub signal....I think that will work. What do you guys recommend for line level converters? I was going to go with the re-q but its probably not worth it.

11-12-2009, 12:57 PM
You need to get some wiring diagrams of your car. My car had a crazy factory amp sending various singals to various speakers. I upgrade my speakers first, then I bypass the factory amp, when I had money to buy amps and a crossover. Took me some time to compile the equipment. You can purchase speakers here; partsexpress.com or madisound.com.

11-12-2009, 03:27 PM
Yeah I hate the stock system setup. I think I figured it out tho. I'm going to run two LOCs. One off of amp1 which has the 6.5 signals. That will go to my amp then out to a new set of ID CX64 V.2s at about 150wx2. The other LOC will be wired to amp2 that has better sub signal that will go to my amp to my sub for about 420wx1. I'll be putting in some B.A. S35s up front as well. Should deliver enough for me for now.