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11-06-2009, 04:20 PM

We wanted to let all of you know that we will be presenting the Advanced SQ Seminar in the Oklahoma City / Norman area on Sunday and Monday, November 15, 16, which is about a week away. The ASQS is a solid two full-day seminar, where we cover everything related to max-performing any car audio system, whether it is a basic street system, SQ competition system, retailer or manufacturer demo system, or any other type of car audio system.

Attached to this e-mail are the class curriculum outline and the informational flyer, which details most of the specific information we will cover and the location information.

The ASQS is designed for anyone that wants to learn as much as possible about how to make car audio systems sound great, whether it is designed for SQ competition, store demo, loud street pounding, or a high-end luxury car upgrade system.

We have been presenting this seminar over the last two years, and it has been very successful in helping sales and installation retailers, SQ competitors and enthusiasts, manufacturers, etc, teaching every attendee to better understand how to design systems, and how to approach the installation with a complete game plan from the start.

Let us know if you have any questions, and if you would like to attend. You can contact us at (918) 810-2535, or via e-mail at [email protected]

Basic Seminar Information

It doesn't matter what your level of experience in car audio, you will get more practical and highly useful sound quality information out of this class in two days than you can find anywhere else! This seminar is designed for anyone ranging from those with only a basic understanding of car audio up to the most advanced installers.

A lot of what we cover is not detailed in any other format, seminar, book, internet forum, etc. There is simply no other source for much of what we cover, so it really doesn't matter your level of expertise in car audio... Newbie or advanced installer... We usually have the full range of experience level people in attendance. This class can take you to a much higher level of SQ understanding in a couple of days, rather than the 15+ years required to research, engineer, develop, and test everything we cover in the class.

We take the approach that to really understand how to make car audio sound systems sound great, we must understand all of the background and foundational information on which the installation and tuning techniques are built. Check out the attached outline for the topics we cover.

It is two very full days of information, covering everything from the human hearing system and how we actually hear and recognize sounds, to initial system design and installation considerations, enclosures, in-vehicle acoustics, acoustical analysis and how to do it properly in a car, system tuning using your ears and an RTA and other acoustical analyzers, critical tuning techniques (crossovers, EQs, delay, etc). It's a TON of information, and you will get lots of actual hands and ears on practical experience.

The class starts at 12:30 on Sunday, Nov 15th, and we'll end around 8:00 PM that evening. We get started again Monday morning at 9:00 AM, and will wrap up about 5:00 PM.

Please feel free to print the flyer and outline, and hand them out or forward them to anyone else that may be interested in attending the seminar.

Seminar Location

We will be working in the New Life Bible Church Youth Hall. The church address is:

4343 N. Flood, Norman, OK 73069

It is located on the east side of Hwy 77 / Flood Street between Tecumseh Rd and Franklin Rd in Norman

Joe Wallis coordinated the availability of the Youth Hall for us to work in. Thanks Joe!

Joe's cell number is: 405-249-1607, and my number is (918) 810-2535. Call either of us if you nee directions.

Seminar Registration & Cost

Because of the late date in getting this information out, we will not require a pre-registration fee. However, if you would like to attend, please contact us at (918) 810-2535, or via e-mail at [email protected] to confirm a space in the class. Payment can be made with a check or cash at the seminar on Sunday.

The discounted cost for this seminar is $470 per person.

Upon arrival at the class, you will receive the very extensive and detailed class notebook, several special test and tuning CDs, a t-shirt, etc.

Additional Info

Let us know if we can answer any questions for you. We hope to see you at the Advanced Sound Quality Seminar!



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