View Full Version : tweet02 GOOD GUY!

11-03-2009, 10:31 PM
I'd def. do business with this guy as he's as honest as you can possibly be!!! Bought a HU from him...he was unsure if it had a problem or not with it. We knew it worked but just unsure if it worked "100%". He gave me an ULTRA low price on it, just incase it wasn't in perfect shape. I paid for it, then the next day he informed me that he'd checked the equipment and it was not in 100% working order and that he'd be glad to refund me if I wanted!
Most people would've just sent the unit on out b/c I WAS indeed informed that it COULD have a problem, thus the reason the price was set the way it was!
STAND UP guy here!
Best of luck to you in the future young man!