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11-01-2009, 09:57 PM
Well I sent my xbox in for the 3 red rings. Took a week to get it back. Worked for a week and wow 3 red rings again. Sent it back to him. I get it back. There is a sticker on the xbox says the face plate broken. I emailed the guy asked what happen. He says they dont break things and it happen in shipping. I said you should of emailed me or called I had insurance on the xbox. He said he would send me a new face plate. Never got it. Also when I get it back the secound time it looked to be just thrown into the box. It wasent wrapped up like the last time with the packing stuff around it. It was like they didnt care anymore. Another day goes by and then the xbox goes down again. Im thinking more then the 3 red rings. hasent popped up yet. I emailed the guy asked about getting my money back as his website says. He acts like I broke it. And how does he know I didnt break it. This is after I posted about the damaged to the xbox on his feedback area on his website. Note he deleted my posts and even said that he did send a email asking if I wanted a new faceplate but I never responded back to him.

So just a warning this is what happen. Goodluck to you if you use him. He is located in PA some place. So if you are in the DE PA NJ MD and so on area. Watch out.

12-04-2009, 01:12 PM
you can fix the 3 rings in less than 30 minutes with no skills. easy to do.

avoid him