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The ///Man
10-29-2009, 12:36 AM
I'm Sean, I own an auto glass/tint business here in Albuquerque, I have always been interested in car audio as a hobby, but am trying to get my hands deeper in to making custom stuff.

Figure I will throw these up. Car is not finished, but am slowly getting things together. I have the door panels ready to be covered now, I still need speaker grilles for the doors and waiting for the door tweeters to come in the mail. Need to get wiring too and some carpet for the floor in the trunk, think I'm going to put some **** shag in there. I like this project as it's my first time using fiberglass, also my first time building a ported box. I tested it on my friends amp and it was pretty loud at only 300w, I should have almost 900w to get to it.

So here's the pics, I will update when I get some more done, car is a 2002 Corolla


Pillar tweeters with image enhancement control unit

Door panels waiting to be covered and get tweeters and speaker grilles

Kicker 4 channel, still need to get carpet for the trunk. Amp sits on a stand so I can make sure the wires are hidden. Sub is IDMAX 12 dual 2Ohm vc, box is 2.5cu/ft tuned to 30hz, at least that is what it's supposed to be, lol.

Profile 2 channel bridged mono mounted behind the box, because it's ugly. Hopefully it will be good enough for the sub.

Best part about this is I'm only in the build maybe $200, I've traded for almost everything.

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