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10-24-2009, 02:42 AM
Wsup guys. New here. I heard JL Audio got the smoothes speakers out there that would not hurt your ears but instead giving it a comfortable melody. I have an 2003 Lexus GS430 with Navigation and Mark Levinson head unit (stock). Currently using 2 amps. Rockford Fosgate P-400-4 amping the front speakers (6 1/2 in) and the Fosgate P1 Punch subwoofer. The other amp is also a Fosgate, P-200-2, which is amping the rear speakers (4 in). The speakers I got are Alpine Type S. In my opinion, the front speakers are ok, but it's lacking in the tweeters and in midrange. The rears, I can bear hear them even though they are amped. So, I heard JL Audio speakers are smooth. Now I want to get them. I don't know which model should I get that would fit my taste. My choices are TR650CSi or C2-650. Do we have any JL fans out here? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

07-01-2010, 01:41 AM
i know this is an oldd post but i do have the tr 650 csi's. adn for the price you cant beat it. they are a great little setup and are very clear.