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10-16-2009, 12:43 PM
Hey this is Frank from Big Kidz. I got an 02 Envoy and Im on my second re-build. At first I had a wall with 3 15's but I just switched it out for 4 15" MMATS Dreadnauts in a custom box firing up with the port facing the back hatch. I also have 26 speakers in my truck. I have a 10", 3 6" and 3 3 3/4" speakers in each front door, an 8", 2 6", and 2 3 3/4" speakers in each back door, and 2 10" speakers in a rear center console. Powering my system I have all MMATS amps. I have 2 D3500.05 amps for the subs, 2 SQ4160 amps, and 2 SQ2175 amps for vocals. Im also using an MMATS MP5 for a line driver/equilizer/sub crossover. To help keep my voltage up I have 3 optima yellow top batteries. Im about to start workin on new door panels and probably making fiberglass speaker pods for the pillars. This hobby has become an addiction.

10-16-2009, 12:49 PM
oh **** wats good homie....welcome to the site


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what up

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Welcome to CA.