View Full Version : 10w7, box idea, need help?

11-26-2003, 03:05 PM
ok, 10w7, jl says 1.5cubicft for ported, thats 1.9cubicft before disp, and port, i put in 1.6cubicft, into jls port equation and ended up with a port of 1.5in X 6in X 12in long, tuned to 30 hz, does that sound about right, c'mon guys, needin to get this thing built. i listen to all music, i like it loud but i like awesome lows, should i try to do this ported box or just go with sealed and save some headache, i want a loud low box but dont want to build a sealed one if im gonna be dissapointed. oh yeah on a 500/1.

11-26-2003, 05:20 PM
yeh, that 1.5 is very small.. but JL always does that, they use a small width port on all their premade box's.. I would personally go a wider width if possible, but that looks as though it should work..