View Full Version : Clarion DRZ785USB

10-14-2009, 12:49 PM
I got in on this HU when it was $160 shipped from SonicElectronics. For a head unit with built-in time alignment, built-in 3-way active xovers, built-in USB, and built-in 3-band EQ - not too **** shabby, lol. The faceplate feels a bit weird, since the whole center piece slides left and right for your track advance-rewind, etc. Overall feel of the unit is the faceplate does feel rather cheap and flimsey. I guess you get what you pay for??

The xovers are fantastic. Not as many selectable frequencies as I wish there was, but you can pick your xover freq., slope, and phasing (normal of 180* out) for each set of speakers (high, mid, sub). Time alignment is in 2.3cm increments. There is a separate speaker gain setting to set the level of each individual speaker. Plus separate subwoofer level control. The parametric EQ is something I haven't played with much yet. The adjustment range is amazing, you can **** near sleect any frequency imaginable from 50 to 20k Hz. There is also Q adjustment, and something else. Only thing lacking here is only 3 band, so you're limited.

Overall, I'd say a 8 out of 10. The only things holding it back from being a 10 ar the feel of the build quality, and the lack of frequencies available in the xover, and only being a 3-band parametric EQ. So far, I love it, and plan on using it till it's junk. Lets hope it lasts more than 6-12 months :)