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10-06-2009, 03:22 PM
Hey all.

This is my first post here. Excuse my ignorance, I don't know much about car audio/video. Also, sorry if this question has been asked before. I did some searching, but I am not exactly sure what I should be searching for (see the part about ignorance ;)).

Here's some background. Feel free to skip this paragraph, I'm just trying to explain why I want to do what I'm doing. Okay, so I recently purchased an 06 Land Rover LR3. I really wanted rear entertainment with the kids, but the one I purchased didn't have it. After seeing Land Rover's factory setup, I was glad I didn't get the one they offter--it's pretty ugly. The LR3's sunroof is very close to the dome light and climate controls; this makes it kinda of hard to find drop-down player that looks good and fits. Anyway, I started trying to device a scheme that would look good.

What I want to do is mount two smaller (8" probably) drop-down screens to each side of the headliner above the front seats. Here is a picture of an LR3 that has done the same thing: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/TBaVU9tkcS42_8PY9Bu_zg?feat=directlink. These screens won't have built-in dvd players, and I would like the sound to go through the car speakers. I already have the screens picked out. I also want to play the video via iPod (and not even worry about a DVD player). Apple sells a A/V cable for the iPod that also has USB for power (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB129LL/B?fnode=MTY1NDA0OQ&mco=MTA4MjUwMzk#overview). So here is what I believe I need to do. Please correct me if I'm wrong:

1. Get a source selector switch and place somewhere in the vehicle (I am thinking in the upper glove compartment).

2. Get power to the source selector switch

3. Have the screens installed and run the video/audio cables to the source selector switch. I believe power can be tapped from the dome light/climate control.

Assuming that I'm even correct up to this point, this is where things escape my realm of understanding ;)

4. Will it be possible for me to get power to the ipod with the cables I linked above? I imagine that I would need some sort of adapter for the usb cable to tab it into the car power, or maybe I could find a select switch with a usb port? I can't imagine that I'm the only one doing this. What's the general procedure?

5. Anything else that I'm missing? Am I totally going about this the wrong way?

Btw, some people have suggested the embedded head rest screens, but I want people in the third-row seats to be able to see, so I don't want those.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance!