View Full Version : Making a cabinet with id oem 2.5

09-30-2009, 10:50 AM
So i got a nice local deal on these, i'm wondering what could i do with them, building a home cabinet might be an idea

I'm thinking about doing some bookshelf with these, one mid per side with with a tweeter

What should i do? do i need to port the cabinet? what tweeter should i mix the oem 2.5 with? can i use the vc-100 crossover (3k cut 12db sloppe). if not, what kind of crossover i'm looking for?

will be hooked on a old kenwood vr-806 receiver/amp. 100watt per chanel @8ohm if i remember well

I'll be doing test on if my kenwood receiver still play with 4ohm load.

oh yeah looking for great mibass