View Full Version : p2002 50x2 please read

09-23-2009, 12:17 AM
i got this amp on atrade to use for a temporary amp,that was a year ago. This little amp is no joke birthsheet rms 62rmsx2 @ 4ohm and 137 x2 @ 2ohms and 273 bridged @ 4 ohms. AND I dont know what bridged @ 2 ohms or bridged @ 1 ohm. BUT IT DOES IT. 1 ohm is a little struggle on a kicker solobaric 15 but it was loud.Althought not very efficient,burnt alternator up.This amp must be the little amp that could. At 2 ohms bridged for 8 months now on a single 10 inch audioque sdc 2.5 d4 it has performed like a champ. I borrowed my old kicker kx600.1 back just for a audible comparison, and ya the 600 was louder on the 10 but not by much. If these little p2002's can be had for 80 or 90 on ebay,I say they are a good value and built like a tank, I love mine, soon to be runnin 1 ohm bridged again on 2 10's. obviously i dont compete. Just a commuter vehicle with some bump for very little money. and the sound quality is much better on the punch than on the kicker 600.1.....hard to explain but the 10 sounds much cleaner and almost as lound on the p2002 than on the 600.1......just my 2 cents.

02-28-2011, 11:27 AM
I have a P800a4 powering the system, 1196 watts at 2 ohms, hell yeah