View Full Version : skater somewhat scammed me

09-22-2009, 11:16 PM
i spent over a thousand on all his zapco stuff (9.0, symbilinks wires , XD-VFD/XD-WRC C2K9.0 Digital Status Display, and the slb-u) he didnt send the power plug for it and he said he sent it i asked him to look for it. he found it and said where should he send it. and i said same place. and i never heard from him since. i've emailed him about 10 times now and he wouldnt answer i told him i just want my plug thats it i dont want to leave negative feedback or anything. just want the plug to finish my install. now im stuck with out the power plug for it and i dont know where to get one. since a zapco dealer is 4 hours away(closes)