View Full Version : FS Custom Showcar Chrysler 300c 28,000 miles

09-12-2009, 12:41 PM
Up for sale is my baby. It is a 2006 Chrysler 300c with the 5.7 HEMI (289.4rwhp at 7,000ft elevation), and 5 speed automatic. This car is all that and a big bag of chips. this car has over $25,000 in mods, and shows it. it has won NUMEROUS shows, has lots of media publicity, and has been in a music video, and a Chrysler motor corporation promotion video showcasing the LX platform.. the mods are numerous and tasteful without being overboard. The new owner of this will soon be the center of attention at any cruise in, show or get together as well as a traffic stopper. Everywhere it goes, it attracts a crowd. So i guess you want to hear more about the mods this thing has right? OK here is the list:

-Custom 2 Toned, ford cobra mustang competition orange with gold pearl and cool vanilla with white pearl
-Classic Design Concepts Chrome Body Spears
-Custom made Grill
-Billet Technologies Billet emblems (not included, but owner will get new ones of their choice from them)
-Altezzas taillights
-Custom headlights with orange AAC led halos
-Custom modified hood,
-Grip Tuning front and rear bumpers
-300CSRT8 rear spoiler.
22x9.5" Euro Max Design wheels with 265/35/22 Nitto NT420S tires
-Painted interior
-Billet Technologies billet pistol grip shifter
-factory leather
-headrest monitors


-Custom made Flowmaster cat back utilizing an SRT8 x-pipe, Flowmaster 40's and 3" pipes out to 4" tips (beautiful sounding)

-Custom airbrushed fuse box cover and engine cover. (center part of engine cover not included, it is my wife on there)

-Billet technologies Oil Catch Can

and im sure im forgetting some stuff but at this caliber of a car i am sure this WILL NOT disappoint you. and to quote a friend:

I've seen this car, as have others, and it's top notch, front to back.

so by now im sure you are like wow right? well there is a few bads. the front bumper has a scrape on the bottom and rock chips, which i will take car of for the new owner at the buy it now price. the other problem is it gathers so much attention, it sometimes can get annoying.

so why am i selling this car???

1) Newly arose family situations dictate this car must go

2) Well to be honest. im kinda bored with it and want a new project

OK so you want more things to tantalize your taste buds right? how about a video of this car on the dyno? how about seeing the music video it was featured in?

on dyno


music video by Lil Trae "Full Girl Statz'''



i have gotten a few questions pertaining to this car and i will answer i few quickly.

*No i am not selling any parts off of this car. i need a quick sale of this car, so i am not parting it out

*no this car has never been in any accidents, fender benders, or parking lot bumps this car has never had any damage, and all fenders and doors are OEM with no body putty. only thing replaced was the bumpers for a more aggressive look.

*the lowest i will go in this car IS $24,500.00 i am already losing my butt on this car as it is.