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09-10-2009, 01:37 AM
Hey all, just putting up my initial post.

I've been poking around here and the DIYMA reading up on installs. My first install was over 20 years ago in my first crappy car. I think the system was a set of Pioneer 6x9 shelf speakers, a Denon amp, and I think a Pioneer HU (cassette of course).

Then in high school installed 2 15" Subs in the trunk of a slammed Olds Calais. Had painted back windows, and tint on the windshield... ahh good times.

Now I'm almost 40 with a family, many bills, and a full size Ford F250.

I'm picking up parts here and there.... so far I have; a set of PCE216 MB Quart Components (Good Guys going out of business sale), 2 RE 8" DVC Subs (Group buy 2005), 400.4 & 500.2 PG Amps (Used from a DIYMA member), mucho RAAMmat on the way, and still shopping.

I want to get an all in one HU to replace the Alpine CVA-1004 I have now. Looking at the Pioneer AVIC-D3 & Kenwood DNX6140. Will probably run it with an iPod, BT, and Sirius radio.

Ha, little long for a first post.

09-22-2009, 04:04 PM
Welcome to CA.