View Full Version : Perfect deck for me ?

09-03-2009, 08:39 PM
Okay so here is the deal. The wife drives the car most of the time as i have a company car that i use for work but whenever i/we go out i take my car. Now the most important thing this deck needs is easy ipod navigation and menu system so my wife doesn't kick my ***. We currently have a pioneer DEH-P7000BT head unit that i bought as a TEMP head unit last year till i decided what deck i wanted to get. Its one saving grace is its Alphabetical search ipod function.

Now for the least important function (really the most but i got to give her that one thing)good sound quality. I have literally spent way to much time into looking at what deck i want and none of the really good sq decks have the alphabetical search or decent sound quality. Genre search don st cut it either as some of those would have 100 artists/albums i bet. Ive looked at all the pioneer decks and besides the new DEX-P99RS which is only available in europe nothing has what my temp deck has for searching.

Ive looked at the DRZ9255, the eclipse's and some other top end decks and i just dont see anything that does that one little thing.

Thats the single din stuff, double din wise there really isn't anything that is grabbing my attention as a top notch sounding deck with active capabilities I mean the new apline 505 is nice and its got all the toys (nav etc) but im not stuck on this whole imprint system and the lack of me being able to play with it myself.The more i think of it while i type this in thinking how nice a good double din would be but im not sure i could get what i want.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and one more thing before anyone jumps on the ipod and sq qqwagon the ipod functions are for the wife who drives the car the most and its her only deal breaker, other than that she wants a gps but i can get a tomtom or something so all other options just that options. They may be the ones i want but without at least an alphabetical ipod search interface at the least ( she would prefer graphical like the 505 or any other double din with nav) but will settle for just that.

Thanks for your time and sorry for the long winded post