View Full Version : New HTPC (MAC MINI)

08-27-2009, 09:02 PM
Here is my Home theatre computer( Mac Mini) I just added to my ht collection I am building. After a huge failure trying to put together a htpc. I read alot about these on the avs forums and they are super cool home theatre computers. This is a picture showing the size next to a portable hard drive. The program I am running in the video is called Plex, it is a application which acts as a front row type program for all your media files. It will let you do everything from stream Netflix hd movies to watch basically any music video ever made in the MTV plug in. Also plays lossless audio music files. I bought the lowest model mini I could find and added 3gb ram to it. It only has a 120 gb HD but I added a 2tb external to house about 500 movies and a 100 gb of music I have. Puts out full 1080p video and encodes hd audio to pcm. Everything including the hdmi cable was about 650 dollars. Sorry about the shaky camera work.