View Full Version : Hissing in simple Pioneer set-up - grounding help?

Bad Monkey
08-22-2009, 12:10 AM
I posted about this over in the electrical forum but figured the problem is isolated to the head-unit so I wanted to ask about upgrading the ground on my Pioneer DEH-P5150UB (equiv to P510UB in North America).

I just installed the Pioneer to replace an Alpine, I am just using the standard harness, no separate amp and not using the RCAs. It is producing hiss badly in all modes, related to the volume and nothing else (not affected by car engine etc).

I measured the resistance between the ground on the harness and the -ve battery terminal = 0.9 ohm.

I'm not sure that's so bad but apparently Pioneers aren't great with grounds, so I've been advised to upgrade the ground anyway - but I want to know how to do this exactly?

Do I splice a wire from a new chassis ground to the ground connector in the harness plug?

Or should it be run somewhere else completely different? (There's no ground screw on the HU body that I can see marked as such anywhere).

If it goes to somewhere on the HU body, would it make sense to connect this wire to the "12 V -ve ground" wire which the car has (separate to the "chassis ground"; these two wires are separate then get spliced together in the Pioneer harness), rather than the car chassis?