View Full Version : Considering buying an Eclipse AVN726E

08-19-2009, 10:07 PM
I have had an AVN5435 for a few years now and absolutely love it. I was thinking about upgrading to the AVN726E, as it would be nice to have bluetooth and usb support. I also recently purchased an iPhone so I finally have an excuse to buy something with iPod compatibility (albeit with an add-on module).

Does anyone out there know if you can run Sirius and iPod modules at the same time on the AVN726E? On my AVN5435 you can only do one or the other but not both, if I read the manual correctly. I am not interested in giving up my Sirius radio and it would be nice to have both with a new system.

How difficult of an upgrade would this be? Can I re-use the same wiring harnesses? I had the AVN5435 professionally installed but I've installed head units before (been a long time though). It looks like most of the hard work has been done for me already, i.e. locating the speed sensor and e-brake wire, and plumbing up the GPS and Sirius antennas. I was thinking about just handling the install myself.

I guess I've raised a lot of questions here - anyone care to weigh in?