View Full Version : classic car help, 5.25s ... worth components or coax's about the same?

08-19-2009, 05:54 PM
so im workin on my 64 galaxie convertible... and i have a few issues..

the wife LOVES the car, and wont let me cut into it, or make kick panels or anything..

so, im stuck with a 6x9 in front (runnin a classic car industries dual voice coil 6x9 for now cause she bought it for me, i havent gotten it yet but im sure its better than nothin), and there were no stock rear speakers..

the only thing i have goin for me is the idiot before me cut below the rear seat to put in some 5.25" speakers.. she is ok with this hole, and says i need to work with what i have and not cut anything more..

ive been through it ALL with her, kick panels are easily removed and replaced with stock ones, doors in the speakers can be really hidden well, etc, etc.. thing is that i agreed to give up cars before this one, and while talking her into letttin me have this she had 2 rules (#1 she had to like the car, and #2 no cutting **** up anymore, leaving it stock as possible cause she loves the stock cars).. now i won over with Air ride, and thats as far as im gonna get lol..

so, im stuck with 5.25" speaker hole, and im gonna run a small maybe 75x2 watt (37.5 RMS, MTX 275x) amp to those so i can hear em, convertibles ****... but i do have to replace them either way, they are from freakin RADIO SHACK! lol...

the head unit is one of those classic car lookin ones taht is modern inside and i have my ipod hooked to it... both front chanels are goin to the 6x9 in the dash...

is it worth it to just go with coaxials for the rear? or am I better off drillin a hole for tweeters somewhere and convincin her those were there the whole time (hard to do, but i think i can get away with it, and they will be outta sight)...

lemme know guys... about a $70-100 budget for the rear speakers.. i know front stage would be better, but i get what i get, ya know?

ps - yes, i DO love her that much, shes the BEST! she buys me toys like this car and my watches!

08-19-2009, 05:59 PM
i gotta tell ya....a girl like that is hard to find. I bet you 10 dollars that, with the top down and volume blazing, you won't miss those tweeters, especially if they are located where you described them. Don't lie to your girl. Just get some decent 5.25's back there, and be happy man :)

EDIT: They do make 6x9 to 6.5 converter plates that just screw right into stock screw holes, and you could mount a tweeter in those for the FRONT. As long as you have a good pair of front speakers, you ain't gotta worry too much about the rear fill.

08-19-2009, 07:40 PM
any recomendations on a decent set of 5.25s? coaxials i guess are the best option...

thinkin 30-40watts RMS to em...

i know i cant really amp up the front speaker.. and i dont really wanna replace it because she just bought it for me and had to special order it and everything... plus im hoping eventually to talk her into kick panels lol, i mean they ARE removeable. lol