View Full Version : AudioControl Epicenter

11-04-2003, 05:27 PM
I currently have this piece, it is absolutely awsome, it is "a must for SPL" or for people that are serious about spl. It can reproduce the lost lower frequencies from the original recording of your music. It makes a massive difference, I can't explain how nice a job it does for the money, espically with the dash mounted controller, you can drop the bass if needed, or push it way up for a competition. This is one of 3 pieces of Audio Control equipment I own, I have not a single complaint. The top mounted "Epicenter" light hits when the bass hits, nice touch. I definatley recomend this piece to anyone who wants some serious added bass with their current set up or even for their future set up. It does get a little muddy for sealed boxes, but excells in ported.

Simple no- brainer installation of power ground and remote, and passing the RCA's for the sub amp through it.